To all residents our Rules & Regulation regarding Seasonal Decorations are as follows;
                     3.6.21 Seasonal Decoration
                     Temporary seasonal displays permitted as out lined below:
                     Holiday displays are restricted to the owners property and may be exhibited two weeks prior to the holiday and no later than one  
                     week thereafter,
                     (a) With exception; of Christmas displays may be installed two (2) weeks prior to Thanksgiving Day but not lit until day after and      
                     removed no later than two (2) weeks after New Years day. 

                     Covenant of Good Maintenance
                     To the degree of responsibility herein assigned, each Homeowner, Occupant, and the Association shall keep and maintain all 
                     land located within the Property owned, leased or controlled by such Person and all improvements, buildings and structures in a
                     clean and safe condition, in good order and repair, attractive looking and neat.r 
                     3.6.07 Storage of Materials and Trash handling (a) Storage of items such as but not limited to bicycles, trash or trash containers,    
                     barbecue grills, snow shovels, work tools, boxes, building supplies, seasonal planters, etc. in the front (including on porches, stoops
                     and walkways) or unfenced side yards, or backs of the property is prohibited. Items permitted to be stored on front porches and back 
                     decks are exterior furniture items.
                     We review properties for non-compliance of our R&R's in  Spring and reminder letters are then sent out.