Satellite Dish

3.6.21 Poles, Wires and Antennae | Satelite Dish

Guidelines & Squires Bluff RR
While associations cannot mandate prior approval, residents are asked to submit a, Notice to install form. This notice will advise the board of the location of the resident's intended satellite dish installation and method of operation to verify compliance with the association’s rules. 
All Satellite Dishes must be one meter or less in diameter. Eaton Estate (EE) Declaration specifies a requirement of the dish to be a maximum of eighteen (18”) in diameter
All wiring for Antennas and Satellite Dishes must be properly secured. In some instances wiring may be required to be concealed.
Should Satellite Dishes be produced with color options, the color selections should complement the houses basic colors, following the same guidelines as exterior painting. Otherwise, the color should remain as originally purchased; neutral tones, black, gray.

There should be no commercial advertising on the Satellite Dish itself, other than the brand name.
Based on the required positioning to receive transmissions, Antennas/Satellite Dishes should be placed in an inconspicuous location, the master association, Eaton Estate (EE) requires that the dish not be visible from the street, and should not be placed in areas where it would constitute a safety hazard.
(g) Antennas/Satellite Dishes must be placed on the homeowner’s property, not in any common areas
Satellite Dish antennas do not convey upon sale of home. All repairs, resulting from the installation, maintenance or removal is to be the responsibility of the Owner or occupant.  

Antennas and Signals. No antenna or other device for the transmission of television signals, radio signals, or other form of electromagnetic radiation shall be erected, used or maintained on any Lot, whether attached to a building or structure or otherwise, without approval. No radio signals, television signals or any other form of electromagnetic radiation shall originate from any Lot which may unreasonably interfere with the reception of television or radio signals on any other Lot.

Architectural Changes

Changes that are being planned to the exterior of your property or common area require approval by the Board. No exceptions. If you want to know how to request to make a change or to find out about current change requests, go to Architectural Page and click on ACR Paper Form or ACR Online Form. You can also contact Aries Management or a

board member. 
You can also contact Aries Management or a board member.