Lamp conversions started in 2009. Remember, an Online ACR is still required for the Post Lamp coversion of gas-to-electric.
The Squires Bluff Board voted to approve conversion of Post Lamps in our development and comply with Eaton Estate rules. 
Post Lamps may be powered by either low voltage electricity or natural gas and shall be maintained in working condition by the Lot or Owner.
The recommendation is to follow the Eaton Estate Standard to provide consistence throughout the development and maintain the present architectural look.
The residents are responsible for the cost to convert and maintain the post lamps.  All repairs to the property resulting from the installation of this change are to be the responsibility of the Owner or occupant. 
Construction – The conversion must not change the present exterior look and be at least equal to in quality of workmanship, details, and finish.
Current vendor for Gas Light conversion is Charm-Lite.


All Gas Light Lamp Post Conversion require an Architectural Change Request be submitted | The ACR can be an online submission to Squires Bluff Board members.  EE requires an approval process be applied to confirm approval of conversion. Anyone installing a lamp conversion with out an Squires Bluff ACR approval may be subject to EE fine | for light being inoperable during a daytime inspection. We are submitting the request for the residents to EE as a blanket approval if on our list.