Squires Bluff HOA  - 3.6.03 Vehicles
(a) All commercial vehicles, trucks, trailers, airplanes, junk cars, unlicensed vehicles, boats, or recreational vehicle campers, camper trailers, boat trailers, all-terrain vehicles, snowmobiles, commercial vehicles, tractors, buses, farm equipment, or off-road vehicles are prohibited to be parked on any part of the Property except within the confines of a garage, except that a boat, truck, trailer or recreational vehicle may be parked on the Driveway of a Home for the limited purpose of loading or unloading the same but not to exceed 6 hours. Vehicles or personal property of any kind are prohibited in the Common Element, unless authorized in advance in writing by the Board. Licensed automobiles in working condition may be parked in the confines of a Home’s garage, in the driveway of a Home, and in the parking areas, if any, designed by the Board.
 (b) The dumping or disposal; of oil, grease, or any other chemical or residual substances or particles from holding tanks of vehicles of any type is prohibited.

(c) Storage: There is no Common Element storage area for any vehicle on the Property temporarily or permanently.

(d) Parking: Parking for Owners and Occupants is restricted to the confines of a Home’s garage, or in the driveway of a Home. 

(d1) The ‘off-the-street’ concrete parking pads are designated as Guest, Owner or Occupant temporary parking, due to limited parking within the Property. 

(d2) Vehicles, trailers or personal property are prohibited to be parked in the common drive or cul-de-sac, unless authorized in advance, in writing by the Board

 (e) Repairs: The Common Elements are not to be used for the repair or maintenance of automobiles temporarily or permanently.

(f) Operational: All vehicles must be licensed, operational, and operated in compliance with the Ohio Revised Code. Consent is given to local law enforcement of Sagamore Hills to enter upon the Property and enforce the applicable requirements of Ohio law.

(g) Towing of vehicles: for violations of Rules, as being illegally parked, abandoned vehicles, or vehicles unable to operate under their own power may, in addition to all other remedies, be towed and stored off the Property at owner’s expense.
This page was last updated: September 30, 2014
Squires Bluff Homeowners and Guest Parking 
To our Residents;
When our Association Rules and Regulations were first constructed the issue of guest, owners and occupants parking was addressed by our current rule; 
3.6.03 Vehicles (e)  “Parking for Owners and occupants are restricted to the confines of a Home’s garage, or in the appurtenant entrance driveway of a Home only, Each Home’s garage, within the property were constructed to have space sufficient to house two (2) vehicles and shall be used as such”. 
The rules further specify;
3.6.03 Vehicles (e1) designated the off-street (concrete pads) as Guest, Owner or occupant temporary parking, due to limited parking within the development.  
. . .  Not for our residents regular or permanent use.
Parking today in our neighborhood and others can easily become one of those issues that pit neighbor, friends against each other. Our Boards is going to review the number of guest parking spaces available, the nature and uses of each parking space and what reasonable rules and regulations will need updated and can be passed to fairly address the needs of owners and their guest. 
We ask all owners, occupants and ask your guest to please follow our rules and regulations. Ask your guest to use the parking pads instead of the streets, Owners and occupants need to park in their garages or on their driveways and not use the parking pads for their regular use. Any question please contact Aries Management and please visit our website for future information.
Squires Bluff Board