3.6.17 Names of Owners  To enable the Association to maintain accurate records of the names, addresses and phone number of Owners and other Occupants of Homes, each Owner agrees to notify the Association, in writing with the above information, within ten (10) business days after such Owner’s Home has been transferred or leased to another person. In addition, each Owner agrees to provide to a purchaser or Tenant of such Owner’s Home a copy of the Declaration and Rules and Regulations Handbook.

Any Lease agreement shall be in writing and shall provide that the lease be subject in all respects to all Bylaws and Rules Promulgated from time to time by the Board, and failure by the Tenant to comply with the terms shall be a default under the lease.

All Homeowners Leasing properties shall notify the Board in writing the names of tenants and the time during which the lease shall be in effect.