Services provide by your Homeowners Association

Lawn care and maintenance
  • Refer to the Landscaping/Maintenance Policy
  • Residential and Common Areas
  • mowing
  • edging

Planting bed maintenance
  • weeding
  • shrub pruning ( as needed or once a year )
  • trimming ( as needed or once a year )
  • mulching | front, partial side yard and common areas)

       fertilizes the lawns

Property Clean- up
  • Spring
  • Fall

Irrigation for the ( common area )
  • monitoring
  • adjusting
  • winterize

Snow removal and maintenance
  • Common Areas
    • Gazebos and walkways
    • Bridgewater Road Salting
  • Residents Areas
    • Driveways
    • Walkways

All landscaping requires prior Board written approval except where noted below:

1. Front, side rear foundation landscaping does not require prior Board approval if there is no adverse drainage on adjacent properties and all plantings are kept with in three (3) feet.

2. Backyard landscaping does require prior 

3. All landscape edging, such as; stone, rock, or other man-made materials used to construct a border, walkways or retaining wall do require written prior Board approval.

4. Replacing damaged, diseased, or disfigured trees does not require prior Board approval; however, they must be replaced with trees of similar type. Trees should be placed so that the projected canopy (of mature specimen) does not encroach on adjacent property. So as to avoid impeding fencing or fence maintenance, trees may not be planted on property lines.

5. Small plantings around utility of Clusters Homes do require prior Board approval.

6. No prior Board approval is necessary when reverting previously landscaped areas back to grass.