The Squires Bluff Homeowners Association of Sagamore Hills. “Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, Easements”, along with “Rules and Regulations” and this website define the standard of living occupants may expect from our subdivision home environment. These documents are designed to protect the rights of each occupant. However, policy and procedure cannot replace courtesy and the need to communicate with each other. Before filing a written complaint about a neighbor, take the time to have a personal discussion. Neighbors talking with each other can achieve quicker and more satisfactory results in a friendly fashion. Our documents are our foundation. Our community spirit lies within each occupant.

We have all chosen to live in one of the nicer communities in Sagamore. It is not an accident . . . and we will strive to become a better community because the homeowners support the strict compliance of Covenants of Good Maintenance (link? On Seasonal page) supported by our Declaration of Restrictions . To maintain the overall aesthetic qualities desirable and to protect our property values in a first-class community.