Exterior Storm Doors
                                                                   Full View Storm Door           Midview Storm Door

                                                                            Approved                           Non-Approved
New Storm Door Requirements
3.5.01 Restriction on Change of Exterior of Homes
(c) Owners are permitted to install an exterior storm door on their Home (storm door must be white and allow FULL view of such exterior door) or install a sliding glass door in the portion of the exterior wall of the Home adjacent to any deck or porch installed in accordance with the provisions of Declaration Article V, section 5.2 in order to access. 
Note: all exsisting storm doors not in compliance must revert back to the original builder required standard (white and allow full view) when replacement is needed.
Architectural Changes
Changes that are being planned to the exterior of your property or common area require approval by the Board. No exceptions. If you want to know how to request to make a change or to find out about current change requests, go to Architectural Page and click on ACR Paper Form or ACR Online Form. You can also contact Aries Management or a board member.

New Front Door Approved