Living in the Bluff was your choice.
Living in the Bluff was your choice...

We have all chosen to live in one of the nicer communities in Sagamore. It is not an accident . . . and we will strive to become a better community because the homeowners support the strict compliance of Covenants of Good Maintenance  supported by our Declaration of Restrictions. To maintain the overall aesthetic qualities desirable and to protect our property values in a first-class community. 

This website was created to serve the needs of our residents, neighbors and friends.

As our association matures, so do our responsibilities. In order to properly maintain the costs associated with these new responsibilities, we need to keep you, as the homeowners, well informed.  With this website, we hope to continually keep you updated on any relevant information that will keep our business running efficiently.

We also hope that by providing useful information about the association, we can continually promote compliance with rules, enhance participation in the community and foster positive and consistent communication between the homeowners, the board members, and the committees.

Aries Management Corporation
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9821 Olde Eight Road, Suite C,
Northfield Center, OH 44067

Phone: (330) 468-2318 | Fax: (330) 467-7721

Office Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00 AM to 4:00PM

Our property manager is Tom Basalla.

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