The Basic Duties of a Board Members

Owners often question the basic duties and responsibilities of being a volunteer community association board member. While personalities among individual board members differ, each one should have the best interest of the well-being of the entire association as their primary trait.

Once elected or appointed, a board member studies the association’s governing documents to familiarize him/herself with the association’s responsibilities. Thereafter, the board members join together in meetings to establish goals for the property, to determine maintenance priorities, to determine who will work for the association, and to enforce the regulations that protect the safety of the residents and value of the homes. The number of board meetings varies from community to community depending on current activity on the property. Most community boards meet quarterly at a minimum while many, especially those transitioning from developer control, meeting monthly. Clearly, attending meetings to voice one’s opinion and vote on issues requiring a decision is the primary duty of a board member.

In addition to selecting the many different contractors who work for an association, one of the biggest decisions the board must make is the amount of the annual assessments. The board determines the association’s annual budget, determines how much will be put into reserves, and determines budget priorities. A board member’s vote on the budget is not based upon the individual’s financial condition, but rather, on what is needed for the protection and preservation of the entire property.

In conclusion, a board member reads the governing documents, attends meetings, and votes in the decision making process. 

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You can vote for the President of the United States. You do not get to directly vote for the President of your community association.

All association governance procedures are outlined in the community’s Declaration and Bylaws/Code of Regulations. Instead of all homeowners getting to vote on all elected officials (democracy), a community association follows a corporate form of government.

Once a year, the homeowners are invited to the election meeting. At this election meeting, the association’s board members are elected, generally for a term of two or three years. There is no vote at this meeting as to who will be President, Treasurer, etc.

Immediately following the annual election meeting, often that same night, the elected board members hold what is known as an “organization meeting” and elect from amongst themselves a President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer. While an individual may have been elected to the board for a two year term, he/she only serves in the officer position, as an example Treasurer, until the organization meeting following the next year’s annual election meeting.

Wise homeowners recognize that electing high quality individuals to the board results in high quality officers.

Board members | Roles and Responsibilities 

President to manage Administration & General Association Business | 12/2019 expire 

Treasurer to manage the Financial information and Special Projects for Squires Bluff. 12/2020 expire

Secretary to manage & record the Monthly Board Meeting minutes.  Architectural, Landscaping, Special Projects and Social Committee | 12/2020 expire

Aries Management | Property Manager in charge of managing the Properties for the Association and all residents request | All request should go through them. [email protected]

The Board meets every 2nd Thursday of the month in 2019/20
The Annual Meeting is at the Eaton Estate Pavilion.