Architectural Information

                    Architectural Review History
                    The Original Declaration established the original builder ,Heartland Developers, to be the Architectural Review or Control
                    Committee. However, the members of that Board were never appointed and never instituted Guidelines to enforce its authority
                    under the Declaration. Therefore, there may exist certain Improvements within the Property which do not conform with in the 
                    Declaration of Articles and which were commenced prior to the effective date of these published Architectural Control &
                    Standards Guidelines. It is the intention of the Declaration to maintain a high standard as to existing Home, Lot, and Common
                    areas, and as to all future Improvements within the Association. The Board shall have discretion to take such action as it deems
                    appropriate concerning any nonconforming Improvements or change within the development. Such action may include a
                    request that the Owners of any nonconforming Improvements or change take action to bring all such Improvements or change
                    into conformance with the Squire’s Bluff Declarations. The provisions or interpretations of the Declaration as restated by the
                    Rules & Regulations and Control and Standards Guidelines shall apply to all Improvements or changes within the Property from
                    and after the effective date hereof. 
                    Architectural Change
                    Any Changes that are being planned to the exterior of your property or common area require approval by the Board. There are
                    no exceptions.
                    Change request process
                    All residents without exception are requested to submit the completed change request form to the property manager. 
                    The property manager is to send a copy of the residents completed request form and information packet to the Board
                    members for their review. 
                    The Board members meet once a month or if needed a special meeting can be called. 
                    The requested changes will be discussed, reviewed for completeness of information and compliance with our Declaration and       
                    If the Board feels they have all the information needed to make an informed decision then a vote of the Board members
                    present is taken to approve or deny. 
                    Any incomplete documented changes is denied and sent back to residents with a statement saying so and requesting the
                    needed information. 
                    An approved change, will result in the request form being returned to the residents for their records and stating change was
                    If any exception to approved change is needed or specified, an attached document will be attached.
                    The Property manager and Board will keep a copy of approved or denied changes request form for their records. 
                    A follow-up visit to confirm that the change is in compliance will occur. 
                    Architectural changes requiring permits | order of approval process
                       1-Squires Bluff Board approval
                       2-Eaton Estate Architectural approval
                       3-Sagamore Hills zoning